♡ ROSABELLE ♡ — VRChat Avatar (PC & Quest) — ♡ Super Customizable Avi ♡

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Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains

Introducing Rosabelle the porcelain doll! ♡
She was inspired in part by the themes and aesthetics of Melanie Martinez's songs and music videos for "Dollhouse" and "The Bakery."

Links to showcase and toggle showcase on YT:
Note: any clipping that may be seen in the showcase video has been fixed already, and physbones on the doll hair were only removed for the video~

To see more of her before purchasing, there's a channels in my server called "my-avis-photoshoots" with a ton of in-game pics of her~

IMPORTANT -- Please use Unity 2022 to upload her!!

♡ If you need an upload, we do them for $5! Just open a ticket in my server <3 My team and I also do high-quality Quest conversions, custom avatar and asset commissions, and other avatar uploads, and I post tutorials and tips for Unity and Quest converting, so come join our warm and lovely community! ♡

After buying, please open a ticket in my server and post proof of purchase, so you can get a special verified buyer role and access to a channel where I hold special giveaways!!

Also, feel free to open a ticket in my server if you encounter any issues with the avatar or with uploading her!
She has been thoroughly tested, but I am only human and I am always more than happy to fix any of my avatars if needed with an update as soon as I can <3

Please leave a rating if you'd like to, it really helps me out a ton since I'm new to making avatars! TYSM <3


♡ ───────── SPECIAL FEATURES ───────── ♡

Super customizable
──143 color swaps total for hair, eyes, and assets, and 3 skintones
Color randomizer
──A fun randomizer toggle to completely randomize all of the color swaps!
Doll mode
──Separately toggleable "broken doll" face makeup and ball-joint doll skin texture
Teddy the teddy bear follower
Wind-up key on her back that is always turning
Friendship system
──All of my avatars have a special "Noelia's Friendship Ring" ring and avatar recognition system!
When someone wearing one of my avis is nearby in the same world as you, the ring will start flashing rainbow colors, then when you guys put your hands close together pretty heart particles and sparkles will come out of the ring too!
Show off your friendship ring with your best friends, or make a new friend who is wearing one of my avis~
♡ FBT ready! -- thoroughly tested and ready to go for FBT users~
♡ GoGo Loco!
♡ SFW version also included with all purchases (clothes cannot be toggled off, and panties and pasties cannot be toggled off)!
♡ PC Physbones: all hairstyles, chest, butt, earrings, doll dress
♡ Quest Physbones: all hairstyles, chest

♡ ──────────── TOGGLES ───────────── ♡

♡ Pigtails, doll curls, short hair
♡ Doll dress, doll dress apron, candy maid outfit, schoolgirl outfit, bodysuit, comfy outfit, stockings
♡ Mary Jane shoes, gyaru shoes, candy shoes, shoes off
♡ Purse, garters, armwarmers, lace gloves, paws, headband, eyepatch, bear ears, choker, earrings
♡ Candy hearts, donut scrunchies, head sprinkles, ringpop
♡ Non-SFW versions only - No clothes toggle (SFW), panties, pasties
♡ Doll face makeup, BJD doll body, patchwork face, wind-up key
♡ Teddy bear follower, candy guts, parasol

NOT FOR QUEST: Choker, earrings, candy guts, candy maid outfit, bodysuit, bear ears, candy shoes, garters, patchwork face, lace gloves, paws, eyepatch, short hair, lollipop
Friendship system particles and hueshift are not for Quest as of right now, but I'm working to see if I can make it work and if so will include it in an update <3


There are way too many to type out the name of each color individually, please see the toggles showcase video <3

♡ 16 options~
♡ 8 options~
♡ Light skin, tan skin, and dark skin
♡ Doll dress - 11 options~
♡ Candy maid outfit - 4 options~
♡ Schoolgirl outfit - 14 options~
♡ Bodysuit - 6 options~
♡ Comfy outfit - 2 options~
♡ Stockings - 5 options~
♡ Stockings bows - 6 options~
♡ Mary Jane shoes - 7 options~
♡ Gyaru shoes - 5 options~
♡ Gyaru socks - 10 options~
♡ Purse - 2 options~
♡ Garters - 7 options~
♡ Armwarmers - 7 options~
♡ Lace gloves - 5 options~
♡ Headband - 2 options~
♡ Eyepatch - 2 options~
♡ Bear ears - 7 options~
♡ Choker - 5 options~
♡ Earrings - 2 options~
♡ Candy hearts - 2 options~
♡ Donut scrunchies - 2 options~
♡ Broken doll makeup swap and ball-joint-doll body texture swap
NOTE: Extra doll mode human skintones are available inside the Unity package as extra textures! Please read upload instructions for an easy to understand guide to replacing the default white haunted doll face and body texture with your desired skintone <3
♡ Teddy follower - 2 options (plus angry face visemes on dark version)
♡ Parasol - 2 options~
♡ Nails - 2 options~

♡ ────── UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS ─────── ♡

Very important upload instructions are included in a text in every zip file that you receive on the download page after purchasing, which will include the packages you purchased as well.
PLEASE READ THEM! They include detailed instructions that continue after the steps below, as well as a section on how to use the human doll skintones for her doll mode toggles if you want to <3

  • You will need to create a new Unity 2022 project with the VRChat Creator Companion and use the latest SDK.
  • After creating the project, you will need to import a separate Poiyomi Toon Shader package BEFORE importing Rosabelle's package.
    You can use either the latest version of the Poiyomi Toon Shader or you can use the version used to create Rosabelle, which I have included in the zip file you receive upon purchase.
  • Import the PC version of Rosabelle. From this step on, please see the text file in her zip file for more detailed upload instructions.

--------This avatar uses the GonsoLicenser system, created by gonsodany

You will need your personal license key that is given to you on both the download page and the email receipt you receive after purchasing to upload this avatar.

If you have any issues at all uploading her, please open a ticket in my server and I will be happy to help you out <3
All materials and textures are able to be edited on this avatar, and you can still add your own toggles! I love seeing you guys' edits of my avatars, the system didn't remove that ability <3

♡ ────────── TERMS OF USE ────────── ♡

♡ ─ Do not share this avatar's packages with anyone who has not bought them (and bought the exact same version of the package!) under any circumstances without my express permission--this includes in-game cloning and letting friends who haven't bought the avatar upload OR edit them for you without me giving permission first.
♡ ─ Do not make my models public for any reason, because it will lead to others ripping and trading.
♡ ─ Do not claim that my models were made by anyone other than me.
♡ ─ Personal edits are allowed, just do not resell, and credit me appropriately please~
♡ ─ Do not use any assets on this avatar outside of the package unless you have purchased the original asset yourself, and do not reuse any assets or textures that are noted in the credits as "edited " or "commissioned" even if you have bought the original asset.

Gumroad is very strict about chargebacks and I have helped them in the past to ban the email, IP address, AND payment methods of a person who did a chargeback against me from using Gumroad again, and I will do so again.
If you are having trouble paying, please contact me and we may be able to work something out ♡

♡ ──────────── CREDITS ──────────── ♡

Body (sculpt by me) / Nails / Head (sculpt by me) / Pigtails / Doll curls / Short hair / Mel hair & textures (edited) / Doll dress & apron / Schoolgirl outfit / Candy maid outfit / Bodysuit / Stockings / Panties / Pasties / Mary Jane shoes / Gyaru shoes / Purse / Purse keychain toy / Garters / Armwarmers / Lace gloves / Paws (edited) / Headband / Eyepatch / Wand / Bear ears / Choker / Earrings / Candy hearts (edited) / Donut scrunchies / Ringpop / Teddy follower (COMMISSIONED version, do not reuse textures) / Teddy bear (made from teddy follower) (COMMISSIONED version, do not reuse textures) / Candy guts / Parasol (COMMISSIONED) / "Crybaby" soother (edited) / Patchwork face / Key / Noelia’s Friendship Ring (COMMISSIONED) / Friendship system particles / Comfy outfit (bear texture edit by me) / Candy shoes / Lollipop

Default face textures by me (edited from default Kirara head texture) / Doll face textures (COMMISIONED) / Main donut eye texture (COMMISSIONED) / Second set of eye textures / Eye sprinkles emission mask / Bottom of eye emission mask / Eye highlights emission mask / Bakery tattoo / Doll tattoo / Base skin textures / Hair textures (most are edited by me from base texture)

If I have missed crediting anyone, I promise it was not intentional, so please just let me know and I will fix them quickly! Thank you so much~

Thank you so much to AyumiKoi for your hard work and help with Unity and Blender work <3
Thank you so much to gonsodany for your hard work setting up her licensing system and Unity work ! <3
Thank you so much to whimsyrain for your hard work doing the Quest conversion with me, I am so proud of you<3

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♡ Rosabelle ♡ Unity packages, upload instructions file, and included Poi Toon shader

PC Version Polycount
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♡ ROSABELLE ♡ — VRChat Avatar (PC & Quest) — ♡ Super Customizable Avi ♡

49 ratings
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